3 Ways to Save Money on Heating Bills With Space Heaters

Space heaters have been around for decades, offering a convenient way to warm up a chilly space without central heat. While your Mill Spring, North Carolina, home still needs a furnace, you can save money on heating bills with space heaters.

Turn On the Space Heater Before You Take a Shower

Space heaters work particularly well in the bathroom. Plug one in about 30 minutes before you take a shower so it increases the temperature in that one small space. You won’t have to crank the furnace to avoid an uncomfortable chill when you step out of the shower, which ultimately helps you save money on heating bills.

It also works in other situations when you might want to temporarily heat up a room. If you’re heading to bed, turn on the space heater while you get ready to slip under the sheets, then turn it off before you turn out the light. Just make sure there’s no fabric or other flammable items anywhere near the appliance.

Keep a Space Heater Nearby While You Relax

If you’re cold in your house, but you don’t want to turn up the heat and spend more money, keep a space heater nearby. These little appliances prove particularly useful when you’re not moving. If you’re working in your home office or lounging in front of the television, the heater will keep you warm without putting a serious dent in your bank account.

Use a Space Heater in an Unfinished Area

Space heaters also prove useful in unfinished attics, basements, and sunporches. It would be far more expensive to extend your central heating system to that area, so just use a space heater while you’re there. Always turn it off before you leave, however, to avoid creating a fire hazard.

During mild winters, don’t feel obligated to crank the heat. Instead, let a space heater take the edge off. If you’re having trouble with your furnace, our HVAC technicians can troubleshoot the problem. Call Nicholson Company at 828-697-2638 to make an appointment.

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