3 Things You Can Do at Home to Lower Energy Bills

Heating and cooling accounts for nearly half of the average household’s energy usage in North Carolina, but there are many changes that you can make in your home to save money on monthly bills. The best money-saving tips are those that ensure you’ll be comfortable no matter what Mother Nature may have in store. These three energy-wise solutions are investments that not only pay off in energy savings but also in enhanced comfort and functionality for many years to come.

Address Air Infiltration

Gaps or cracks in your home’s building shell drive up your energy costs by allowing conditioned air to leak outside. You can easily address most sources of air infiltration with caulking and spray-foam insulation. Common building envelope leaks include:

  • Cracks in the foundation
  • Gaps around dryer, fan and ventilation outlets
  • Ill-fitting mail chutes, window AC units and outdoor water spigots
  • Spaces around electrical, gas and phone line entrances
  • Holes and cracks in attic floors

Upgrade Your Windows

Up to 15 percent of the average household’s annual energy use is lost through windows. If your home has single-pane windows, replacing them with high efficiency models can be a worthwhile investment. Look for double-pane windows with a low-emissivity (low-E) coating, a microscopically thin film that works like a mirror, reflecting heat away from your home in the summer and back indoors in the winter. Double-pane windows typically have gas instead of air injected into the space between the two panes. Denser than air, these inert gases provide an exceptional level of insulation.

Explore Your HVAC Options

Even if your air conditioner or heater is less than 10 years old, a new high efficiency system may save you more money over the long run than your current equipment. Modern HVAC systems have advanced significantly in energy efficiency, allowing you to recoup the cost of a new system quickly through lower energy bills. Many models offer enhanced performance features too. You can save money on cooling costs or heating expenses while enjoying more even temperatures, enhanced air circulation and better humidity levels as well.

At Nicholson Company, we’re dedicated to offering you products and services that provide you with consistent comfort year after year. We’ve been serving homes in the Asheville, NC, area for more than 35 years, and our experts know what it takes to optimize your home’s energy efficiency. To learn more energy-saving tips or to schedule service, contact our friendly representatives today.

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