Commercial HVAC Installation, Repair, and Replacement Services

At Nicholson Company, we provide a complete lineup of commercial heating and air conditioning services that help ensure the ongoing comfort in your retail, hospitality, healthcare or other business. Our skilled technicians are thoroughly familiar with commercial grade HVAC equipment and well-versed in the industry standards that equate to optimal system design, installation, upkeep, and repair. Through the following methods, our crews have mastered the techniques required to provide outstanding service to every commercial customer:

  • North American Technician Excellence (NATE) certification
  • Extensive factory training by leading HVAC manufacturers
  • Continuous skill upgrades through ongoing training in emerging technologies
  • Years of hands-on experience providing commercial air conditioning and heating services

Commercial Heating & Air Conditioning Installation

Our commercial installation crews not only provide quality installs of all your company’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment, but they also work closely with you during the planning stages of your project to ensure that every step of the process works as smoothly and seamlessly as possible. We know you’ll appreciate the clear advantages of having a meticulous commercial crew handling each of the following steps of your project:

  • Assessing the HVAC needs of your business and determining the scale of the commercial HVAC solution your operation requires
  • Offering guidance on the various types of technology available and which equipment types, brands, and models might most closely suit your needs
  • Completing precise J-Load calculations to measure the heating and cooling load your HVAC system will be required to handle
  • Providing complete new construction HVAC system layout and design services
  • Ensuring fast, efficient installation of your new or replacement commercial heating and air conditioning equipment

Commercial System Maintenance & Repair

At Nicholson Company, one of our major goals is to keep you comfortable, which means making sure your commercial air conditioning and heating system is running optimally 24/7. That’s why our HVAC repair crews are available around the clock to provide the emergency repairs that ensure comfort while protecting sensitive inventory, equipment, and supplies from excessive heat or cold. Our commercial service plans also make scheduling regular preventative maintenance for all your commercial air conditioning and heating equipment more cost-effective.

Trust Nicholson Company for All Your Commercial HVAC Needs

Whatever type of commercial indoor comfort service you need, the specialists at Nicholson Company offer the dependable HVAC response that has kept Hendersonville businesses comfortable since 1975. Contact us today to learn more about how our experts can help you to continue doing “business as usual.”