3 Quick Ways to Warm Up Wood Floors

The winters in the Hendersonville area can cause wood flooring to get especially cold, making homes less comfortable. And combined with humidity, it can also make wood floors a bit of a challenge to warm up. Here as some ways to warm up wood floors in your Hendersonville home.

Turn Up the Heat

In the Hendersonville area, many people like to rely on fireplaces in the winter, but for the sake of your floors, turn up your thermostat just enough to be warm. You may be surprised by how a simple change in the air will so easily correct a freezing wood floor. Being an organic material, wood reacts dramatically to changes in temperature and humidity. Whether solid, engineered, or wood laminate, this is always the case.

See how your floor reacts to the temperature change. If there are specific areas that are still cold, consider the following options.

Comfort Solutions

Laying a thick rug over a stubborn cold spot is the easiest fix. You can also try air deflectors, which are small plastic shields that magnetically attach to a grate and redirect the heat toward the problem area. These options will not completely fix the problem, but they are convenient solutions for the average homeowner.

Take note that if a cold wood floor is a serious problem, you shouldn’t rely on these small fixes. Get a professional to investigate issues with your HVAC system. The cold floor may be the result of a more central issue.

Get Your HVAC System Inspected

Lastly, if these simpler solutions aren’t doing the job, you likely have a bigger issue. Our philosophy is that everyone’s home should be comfortable, and we know that even non-HVAC parts of your home could suffer from an HVAC issue. We’re ready to help. Experienced professionals can get your issue solved faster than you might expect, and offer potential heating solutions to fix the problem for good.

If you know about your flooring issue already, be sure to stay ahead of the game and contact us before the weather gets cold. You can schedule an appointment with us or call at (828) 697-2638. We look forward to changing your home for the better!

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