24-Hour Emergency Air Conditioning Repair & Installation in Hendersonville, NC

Summers in the North Carolina mountains can get hot and heat demands an effective AC system. But an efficient system is only one piece of the puzzle. Correct AC installation, periodic maintenance, and timely air conditioning repair are all vital in keeping your home comfortable. At Nicholson Company, our technicians are dedicated to their craft. Factory training and NATE-certification have prepared them to provide any HVAC solution you need.

AC Options for Every Need

Carrier is one of the leading manufacturers in the HVAC industry when it comes to innovation and efficiency. As Carrier Factory Authorized Dealers, we can offer AC solutions to suit any home or business’s need. The following types of systems are among your options when you choose Nicholson Company:

  • Central Air Conditioners: These cooling systems come in either packaged or split systems. Packaged systems contain all the components in a single unit, which is typically placed either on the roof or outside the home. Split systems separate the condenser and the evaporator, locating the former outside and the latter inside the building. These AC systems are often combined with a furnace or heat pump.
  • Heat Pumps and Geothermal Systems: These units are the most efficient and environmentally-friendly heating and cooling options on the market. Heat pumps transfer heat between a source that maintains a stable temperature, like water or the ground (geothermal) and your home rather than burn fuel.
  • Ductless Air Conditioners: Whereas central air conditioners cool a building through a system of air ducts, ductless AC systems are designed to work without ducts. Ductless cooling systems can be used for zoned cooling or to cool room additions without installing new ducts or extending existing ductwork. This type of system is ideal for add-ons or renovations.

Our air conditioning experts can help you determine which type of system — and which specific model — will work best for you.

Central air conditioners are offered in three different configurations to address a variety of different job site conditions, including structural challenges, fuel availability and consumer performance expectations.

  • Split Air Conditioners: Split systems are characterized by a separate condensing unit and air handler. The condenser is usually positioned outdoors near an exterior wall to reduce compressor and motor noise. The air handler is often installed in the garage or a furnace closet. Of all the air conditioning options, split systems provide the best overall efficiency.
  • Heat Pumps: A heat pump can provide both heating and cooling from a single system. This feature may appeal to those in areas with low electric rates or where natural gas is unavailable. Heat pumps are manufactured in both split-system and packaged unit configurations. They are not appropriate for climates that experience severe winters and subfreezing temperatures.
  • Packaged Units: For commercial buildings and residential applications with space constraints, package units are an attractive alternative since they are installed primarily on rooftops. Available in straight AC, gas-electric or heat pump varieties, packaged units include both an air handler and condenser in a single cabinet.

If you are building a new home or are in the market for a new, green HVAC system, consider our alternative energy options. Geothermal heating and cooling is the greenest and most cost-effective way to make your home comfortable. We know your first priority is keeping your family safe and comfortable; now you can do that while helping the environment.

Our Air Conditioning Services

At Nicholson Company, we believe everyone deserves to be comfortable and it’s our passion to make sure that happens. We do that by providing the following AC services to the residents of Hendersonville, Asheville, and Candler, NC:

AC Installation Service

Proper AC installation is crucial for your system to achieve optimal performance. Whether you are building, renovating or replacing a worn-out system, you can count on our meticulous technicians to take great care when installing your new air conditioner.

Air Conditioning Repair & Maintenance

When your air conditioner requires repair, our factory-trained and NATE-certified technicians are here to meet your needs. We even offer 24-hour emergency AC repair so you don’t have to bear the heat for long. To avoid major repair and ensure dependable cooling and energy-efficient functioning, we offer preventive maintenance plans. Our maintenance agreements include annual air conditioner tune-ups and other perks like discounts on repair and priority service.

Choose Nicholson for Superior Quality

No matter what type of AC product or service you need, the experts at Nicholson Company will give you the high-quality work that keeps your equipment functioning optimally and the personalized attention that makes your experience with our company special. Call our office to schedule service or learn more about our preventive maintenance packages.