Keep Your Home Organized for the New School Year

Getting the kids back to school is notoriously hectic. This time of year comes with a host of challenges, from snagging all your school supplies at a reasonable price to getting your kids back on a school day sleep schedule. As autumn is soon to arrive in Hendersonville, North Carolina, you should address your routine home needs alongside the educational upheaval happening at the same time. Don’t let the back-to-school season throw you into a frenzy. Implement smart organizational routines now, and you can slide back into the school year schedule easily.

Get Your Family on a Routine

Routine is crucial during the busy school year. Don’t jump into your school day schedule all at once. Begin adjusting your children’s bed times and waking times gradually a few weeks before the first day of school, so you don’t have to deal with cranky mornings at the same time you’re packing kids off to class.

Make a brief morning and evening checklist for everyone in the family to help keeps things on track. For younger children, this might include brushing teeth, putting homework in their backpacks, and placing shoes by the door. Older students can lay out their clothes for the next day and pack their lunches. Parents may benefit from a little list as well, reminding them to empty the sink, set the coffee pot, and select clean outfits the night before. Over time, forced routines will become habit, and you won’t need a handy list anymore.

Implement Quick Cleaning Routines

Back-to-school often means back to the common colds and flu. You can help battle these problems by keeping your kids and home as clean as possible. Make sure the air flowing through your house is as clean by changing your air filters once every one to three months. If your family struggles with recurring colds or persistent asthma, you may also benefit from a whole-house humidifier or air cleaner.

Keep anti-bacterial wipes or a cleanser handy to wipe down counters and other kitchen and bathroom surfaces daily. Make a point of cleaning other germ-friendly spots once a week. Door knobs, phones, and remote controls are germ magnets because they’re handled so frequently.

Create a Home Command Center

A home command center will help you keep everyone in the house on schedule. One of the most important elements of a home command center is a sizable calendar. This will give you one convenient place to track everyone’s schedules. You can personalize your command center with a spot for tracking your weekly dinner schedule, storing bills, assigning chores, or leaving notes for others. Try using a whiteboard, chalkboard, bulletin board, or any combination of the three.

Fill the Fridge With Fast Fixes

The school season is busy, but this won’t stop the persistent howls of “I’m hungry!” Solve this problem in a snap by prepping meals and snacks for the whole week on Sunday. Stock your fridge with fast fixes like pre-packaged snacks or a whole pile of packed lunches. Small Tupperware containers of veggies with dip, yogurt, or fruit can soothe hungry tummies just after school. You can simplify morning meal routines this way as well. Fill mason jars with flavored oatmeal mixes, or freeze breakfast sandwiches and burritos ahead of time for a quick heat-up in the morning.

Stay on Top of Home Maintenance

Don’t let the back-to-school rush get in the way of your home maintenance routines. Include these regular tasks on your calendar so nothing is forgotten in the bustle of the season. You should schedule HVAC maintenance in the fall before you need to turn your heater on for the season. Go ahead and mark your calendar for your spring maintenance now as well. Schedule this in early spring before you turn your air conditioner on for the season. Include filter changes every one to three months to keep your HVAC system in peak condition all year.

If you need a helping hand keeping your house in order this season, contact Nicholson Company at 828-697-2638for all your home comfort needs. We can help you with maintenance, home comfort, and repairs to ensure your home is always in top condition.

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