How to Give Your Family a Refreshing Weekend

The hectic back-to-school routine can wear a family down fast. If you’re feeling a bit worn from your busy schedule, try giving the family a quiet, refreshing weekend. These tips will help you give your Hendersonville, North Carolina, home a gentle ambiance that will leave everyone feeling fresh and rejuvenated come Monday.

Turn Off the Screens

Step away from your screens for the weekend and try more leisurely pursuits. Swap your Kindle for an ink-and-paper book. Play board games instead of video games. Close the computer and paint, draw, craft, or crochet. You can even keep up with correspondence in a more leisurely way. Consider penning a letter or mailing a card to someone special. These low-tech alternatives can help you slow down for a few days.

Clean Up the Air

If your air is filled with dust and allergens, you could feel sick simply from breathing in your home. Make sure your air is fresh and healthy by swapping out your HVAC filter for a new one. If allergies and asthma are a regular problem in your home, consider installing an air cleaner for long-term results.

Get Your Blood Pumping

Rejuvenation isn’t just about relaxing. Getting out to exercise will keep your immune system and body in top shape. Use your weekend as a prime opportunity to head out and stretch your legs. Take a daily walk around the neighborhood, go hiking in a nearby park, or find a local spot to fish, canoe, bike, or go horseback riding. If you prefer to stay in the house, add a yoga or Pilates routine to your day to make sure you’re getting the blood pumping.

Eat Well

Make an extra effort to eat well over the weekend. Prepare your meals from scratch at home using fresh, local ingredients. Focus on colorful produce, lean meats, and whole grains for a healthful weekend diet.

Taking even a brief escape can help you feel refreshed for the week ahead. If you need some extra help creating a breathable space for your retreat, contact Nicholson Company at 828-697-2638 for help improving indoor air quality.

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