Don’t Void Your HVAC Warranty with One of These Mistakes

HVAC systems are sold with all kinds of guarantees, and unlike with other products, HVAC manufacturers and contractors actually stand behind their systems and want to help you if anything goes wrong. However, proper HVAC care is essential to make sure your system keeps running smoothly, so it’s important to know what voids an HVAC warranty.

Not Registering Your HVAC System

Don’t throw away the registration card that came with your HVAC system. That card is how you let the manufacturer know that you bought the system and that you’re the one they should cover. If there’s a time limit to return the card and you miss it, the warranty won’t be honored.

Improper Installation

An improperly installed HVAC system is almost certain to develop problems. Even something similarly minor like a poorly installed drain system can lead to flooding that destroys the entire unit. The system may also struggle to push air through undersized ducts or it might develop refrigerant leaks. Improperly installed parts may also be under higher levels of stress than normal and wear out faster.

Failing to Keep Up With Annual Maintenance

The purpose of requiring annual maintenance to maintain your warranty is not to drive revenue for HVAC contractors. It’s because most HVAC problems start small and can be fixed much more inexpensively when caught early. While you may not care about saving the manufacturer money on potential warranty repairs, remember that a small problem found during annual maintenance might be fixed right then, while a small problem that goes undetected might turn into a bigger one that shuts down your system and leaves you without heat or air conditioning for several days while you wait for a repairman.

Not Using an Authorized Service Provider

Warranty repairs, and sometimes even routine maintenance, are required to be performed by authorized service providers. Part of it is about controlling costs, but there are also benefits to the consumer. The technician performing the work has a higher incentive to get it done right because they’re directly representing the manufacturer or contractor who sold you the system.

Additionally, an authorized service provider is required to only use factory authorized parts. Off brand parts may not be optimized for your system so you could lose efficiency or the parts may not last as long. For both of those reasons, manufacturers will only honor the warranty when an authorized service provider uses authorized parts.

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