Standby Generators: Consult a Professional to Assess Your Home’s Needs

There are plenty of reasons Hendersonville homeowners might consider installing a standby generator, including fires, flooding, power outages, tropical cyclones venturing inland and winter storms. Standby generators can be important elements of disaster preparedness, but this equipment can also be expensive. A professional can help you determine which type is best for your home’s needs.

Choosing Between Standby Generators

How does an expert figure out what standby generator option works best for you? These questions lead the way:

  • How much power do you need available? You should be able to access data about your average home energy use from your energy company, but keep in mind you may not need to power your entire home, instead focusing on the essential circuitry may do the trick. If you have assistive medical devices or household members who could suffer in the summer heat, you should take those power concerns into account.
  • How much of a fuel reserve do you need? Standby generators run on internal combustion engines, which are often fed by natural gas pipelines, and these pipelines could be interrupted during a natural disaster. Some generators have their own reserve tank of fuel, but it’s useful to remember that it’s a limited amount.
  • Are there noise ordinances or other building codes you need to be aware of? This can be especially important when you install a fuel tank, so it pays to sit down with someone who knows the local codes.
  • What companies in your area specialize in generator installation? Neither maintenance nor installation is a DIY task, and when you’re dealing with a natural gas supply or propane reserve, you definitely don’t want to test your luck.
  • What’s a workable minimum amount of power for your household? The larger the generator, the higher the price tag. If you don’t need to run every appliance in your home for a week during an emergency, don’t size your generator to allow for that. If you do, consider the price of choosing and installing a generator, or call us at (828) 697-2638.

Learn more about Nicholson Company’s standby generators and generator installation options, or give us a call at 828-697-2638 to schedule an appointment for your Hendersonville home!

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