Geothermal Installation, Repair, and Replacement Services

Geothermal systems are hands down the greenest, most efficient, and longest lasting heating and cooling options available to home and business owners. These systems do not burn fossil fuel to generate heat; they simply transfer heat to and from the earth to provide a more efficient, affordable and environmentally friendly method of heating and cooling.

How Geothermal Cooling and Heating Works

What is Geothermal?
Geothermal heat pumps can also be called ground-source heat pumps. Just like air-source or water-source heat pumps, geothermal systems use the stable temperature of the earth to heat and cool your home. Geothermal systems transfer heat from one place to another – to your home or away from your home depending on whether you need heating or cooling. This process is accomplished by installing either a vertical or horizontal loop system and refrigerant, the vehicle for heat energy transfer.

Geothermal Energy Benefits You and the Environment

Geothermal Systems capture and use the free energy resource below every home. Both the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Department of Energy (DOE) have concluded that geothermal heat pumps are the most environmentally friendly and cost-efficient way to heat and cool your home.

Because electric power is typically used only to operate the unit’s fan, compressor, and pump, Geothermal systems can deliver up to an astounding five units of energy for every one unit of electrical energy used. What does that mean for you? You may realize up to a 60 percent or more savings on heating, cooling and hot water expenses.

Geothermal systems emit no carbon monoxide or other greenhouse gasses that can be harmful to the environment. We know your priority is to keep your home and family safe and comfortable – now you can do that while helping the environment.

Green Incentive

If benefiting the environment and saving money on your monthly energy costs isn’t enough incentive for you to choose geothermal cooling when you upgrade your AC unit, there’s more. The federal government offers a tax credit for geothermal systems. This credit will help ease the initial cost of your new geothermal system and installation. Additionally, you will start to recoup upfront costs just from lower monthly bills immediately.

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