Clean Air Filters are Critical to Your HVAC System

Air filters are often taken for granted or ignored. Have you ever wondered why changing air filters is important? You may be surprised to discover that ignoring your filter could be a costly mistake. The filter serves two primary purposes – cleaning the air that you breathe and protecting your HVAC equipment. Ignoring your filter is bad for both you and your system.

Air Filters and System Function

The interior of your HVAC system can be compromised by excessive amounts of dirt. As your filter removes circulating particulates, it protects the equipment from developing layers of dirt and grime. In your air conditioner, a buildup of dirt on the evaporator coils could create a barrier that prevents the cooling process from occurring effectively. The result may be that your air seems less cool and that your energy bills go up. Your equipment may operate more frequently in an effort to reach desired temperature settings, resulting in extra wear for your compressor. The high energy usage and stress on your system may result in more frequent repairs or an early need for an AC replacement.

The Impact of an Air Filter on Indoor Air Quality

As your filter removes particulates from your home’s air supply, your family is able to breathe cleaner air. However, a dirty filter doesn’t do a very good job of particulate removal, making regular changes important. More consistent monitoring is a priority if you are seriously affected by dust and other materials moving about your residence.

Air Filter Choices

You can select high-efficiency filters to achieve optimum filtration and protection levels. Most filters are rated on the MERV scale although some manufacturers develop their own systems. In general, a MERV of nine to 12 is ideal for the best filtration results, offering excellent protection to both your system and to those who are sensitive to dust and other circulating materials.

How Often to Change Your Air Filter

Every household is unique in terms of issues like indoor air pollution, and changing air filters will vary based on your home’s needs. Place a new filter before seasonal use of your HVAC system begins. Check each month for dirt buildup, and make a change as you deem necessary. If you see caked areas or structural damage to the filter, a change is warranted.

Expert System Maintenance

Even with meticulous filter management, you will still need to plan for seasonal system maintenance to remove material that settles on the equipment beyond your filter. Nicholson Company is available for both maintenance and indoor air quality services in the Candler, NC, area. Call our office to learn more or to schedule an appointment.

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