4 Reasons You’ll Stay Cooler With a Ductless Air Conditioner

If your cooling system never seems to keep your Hendersonville, North Carolina, home comfortable during the spring and summer seasons, it’s time to find a more sustainable solution. Discover how a ductless air conditioner can help you stay cooler with zoned cooling systems, increased operating efficiency, and better air quality.

Zoned Cooling

One of the greatest benefits of ductless air conditioning systems is that they’re designed to correct the inconsistent climate control issues that traditional cooling systems create. In fact, ductless systems are designed to operate in zones, so a single system takes responsibility for cooling a designated part of your home.

If your home’s air conditioner doesn’t adequately cool your home’s sleeping area, for instance, a ductless system can easily be put into action.

Increased Efficiency

Although many new central HVAC systems are designed to operate more efficiently, they still need a great amount of energy to cool your entire home. Since ductless systems cool only certain rooms, they’re able to run more efficiently while using less energy overall.

When you’re shopping for a new ductless system, look for one with an Energy Star label. This designation certifies that the system meets or exceeds federal guidelines for energy efficiency.

Improved Air Quality

Many homes suffer from poor indoor air quality. In some cases, dirty ductwork and inefficient operation can make the problem worse. By contrast, ductless systems have built-in filtration without extensive ductwork, so these systems can cool you down and improve your home’s air quality at the same time.

Quick Installation

The installation process for traditional cooling systems can take weeks, especially if your home needs new or modified ductwork. In contrast, most ductless system installations are complete in about a day. Since they don’t require extensive ductwork or disruptive installations, ductless systems can offer cooling to your home more quickly.

Does a ductless air conditioning system sound like the right fit for your home? Call one of our experienced air conditioning technicians at Nicholson Company for a consultation today: 828-697-2638.

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