3 Smart Solutions for an Automated Home

Automated home products take home management and comfort to a new level. With automated home products, you can conveniently control your home’s temperature plus other features remotely when you have the right systems installed. Provide meticulous care for your Hendersonville, North Carolina, home with these automated solutions.

Connected TCP Lighting

TCP’s Connected home lighting system lets you automate lighting throughout the house. Connected kits include everything you need to get started, including Connected LED bulbs and a Gateway device to connect your light bulbs to your wireless router. Once you set up the system, you can dim your lights and turn them on or off anywhere in the home using a smartphone or tablet app.

Forget home timers. This approach is the ideal way to make your home look lived in while you’re away or make lighting adjustments easy while you’re comfortable on the couch.

Carrier Cor Thermostat

The Carrier Cor Thermostat helps you manage your home’s energy usage by remotely controlling heating and cooling systems. The thermostat offers detailed reports on your energy usage so you can make smart choices about using energy in your home. Don’t make uninformed decisions on the fly. Let the Cor Thermostat help you significantly improve the savings on your energy bills while maintaining the best home comfort.

August Smart Lock

The August Smart Lock eliminates the need for a key while keeping your home secure. Doors will automatically lock and unlock as you approach or walk away, so your house is always ready to greet you when you come home. You can set the lock to give access to select visitors while you’re away and adjust access times to allow others inside. With this technology serving you, you won’t have to worry that you’ve forgotten to lock up your home.

Are you ready to start enjoying the conveniences of an automated home? Contact one of our Nicholson HVAC professionals today to find out how you can improve your HVAC system for automated benefits.

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