3 Services That Will Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Asheville, North Carolina, is known for its pure mountain air, but that doesn’t mean your home is immune to air quality issues. Whether you’ve been dealing with airborne contaminants for months or you want to nip a minor issue in the bud, these three services will improve your indoor air quality.

Check Humidity Levels

You might consider humidity an outdoor problem, but at Nicholson Company, we’ve seen firsthand the problems that excess moisture can cause in your home. Not only can high humidity damage your furniture and electronics, but it can also cause mold and dust mites to thrive.

Solving this problem might be as easy as adjusting the settings on your air conditioner or heat pump, but advanced humidity problems sometimes require an additional step. Our whole-house dehumidifiers are ideal for tackling major moisture issues and keeping your home and your family healthy.

Install a Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon monoxide is known as an invisible, tasteless, and odorless gas, which means you might not realize when it’s harming the air quality in your home. Since carbon monoxide can be deadly, staying one step ahead of this gas is critical.

Most experts recommend installing a carbon monoxide detector near each sleeping area in your home to keep your family safe. Our carbon monoxide alarm installation is fast and easy, and once it’s in place, you can rest assured that it will detect harmful levels of this toxic gas.

Schedule HVAC Maintenance

For most homeowners, the HVAC system is your first line of defense against poor air quality. If you don’t maintain your heating and cooling systems regularly, though, they’ll struggle to keep your home’s air clean.

Be sure to schedule HVAC maintenance with us twice a year to keep your system running smoothly. We’ll replace air filters, check refrigerant levels, and ensure that your HVAC system keeps your air quality high all year round.

Whether you want to schedule preventive maintenance or you need expert advice on indoor air quality issues, we’re here to help. Call your local HVAC experts at Nicholson Company today: 828-697-2638.

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